Draught, House Suds & Ciders

Monsoon is your new go-to bar in Edmonton. Carrying your favorite draught, house suds, and cider beers to enjoy after a long day. Come in as friends and leave as family, we hope to see you at the bar soon.


Shore Line Brewery Peach Wheat Ale

Refreshing wheat ale brewed with Okanagan peach puree. Dry-hopped & tropical fruit. Medium bodied & sweet finish

Shore Line Brewery Lochy Lager

Thirst quenching, malt-forward. Medium-bodied with a crisp, dry finish


Loaded with aromas of coffee, toasted malt and hops. Full and bold on the palate with a creamy texture

Goose Island IPA

An English-Style IPA with an inviting spicy hop aroma and fruity flavour

Bud Lite

Renowned for its crisp, clean, delicate flavour

Microburst Hazy IPA

A powerful deluge of flavour from new world hops that cascades your olfactory senses with tropical juiciness

Stella Artois

Blonde Lager that has a full distinctive taste and is brewed with the finest barley and hops

Feature Tap

An opportunity to explore new flavors and provide your palate with new experiences


Tiger Lager

A spicy hop nose with notes of cereal, soda cracker and herb. On the palate it is off-dry, medium bodied

Taj Mahal Premium Lager

A clean, crisp, pleasant on the palate. Light and delicate flavor


Delicate aromas of barley, corn and hops. The medium body possesses flavours of sweet malt and floral


Smooth, nicely blended bitterness, clean finish

Molson Canadian

Aromas of sweet corn up front, supported by pale, biscuit malts lending their own sort of sweetness

Coors Light

Clear straw, with a barely-existent ghost white head. Wet hay, barley, and some sort of mineral


Slightly fruity aroma with a smooth, clean finish


Sweet malt and a bit of sweetness comes through on the nose, along with a hint of citrus and green apple

Michelob Ultra

Light golden in colour with subtle notes of citrus aroma for a clean, refreshing body and finish


Unique blend of Pacific Northwest hops gives a smooth, clean, refreshing taste


Ravens Moon Apple

Apple-forward with honey, and citrus. Moderate apple flavor

Ravens Moon Asian Pear

Aromas of pear, vanilla, spice, sour citrus, floral and semi-dry

Ravens Moon Apple Raspberry

Although some apples are present, it’s simply a canvas for smooth, juicy and fresh raspberries to showcase their taste

Ravens Moon Apple Blueberry

Fresh blueberry with earthy notes. Minimal bite. Quick acidity from fruit and fermentation

Monsoon Bistro & Bar
4485 Gateway Blvd., Edmonton, AB
T6H 5C3